Exporting a Zipper

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Exporting a Zipper

Post by Vxxdxx »

How can I export a zipper out of MD and into blender without messing up the UV map?
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Re: Exporting a Zipper

Post by Rosemaryr »

You received a fairly good response in the other forum, but I'll it repeat here as well for others' sake.
https://www.marvelousdesigner.com/commu ... earn/10508

Use the "Show UV Guide" and "Edit UV Guide" tools in the 2D window tool-bar to manually re-arrange the zipper UV layout, to where-ever you want them to be when exported. Unfortunately, you can't (yet) rotate or scale the UV's the same way that the cloth patterns can, so you are stuck with the size and orientation given. But you *can* alter the positioning of the pieces to make a better overall UV map.

(Personally, I would rather have the zipper's cloth part be oriented vertically rather than horizontally, but that's just me....)
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