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Which texturing software is best for MD clothes?

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:51 am
by Lilifan
Hello! I have a question about external texturing of MD-made clothes, especially complex garments with many decorative seams. As all you know, all puckering and stitching withing MD cannot be exported along with the main texture. So if I deal with garments like jeans, I need to paint the full denim texture with side and medium seams and stitches in any other software like Photoshop. But this workflow is very clumsy, because Photoshop can work with flat UV templates only and doesn't allow to control painting in 3D. And the main problem I found so far is accurate decorative seams, following MD internal lines, like side seams for jeans. Photoshop, even latest versions, cannot create full-colored brush with a seam fragment and follow precisely the vector seam path. So the only solution I found is to vectorize the UV template, use Adobe Illustrator CC and paint all seam puckering textures and stitching at there - because AI can make a raster pattern brush to follow any vector path. The result is good but need to be re-exported to PS and fitted to other PS textures of the same garment. A long way to go.
So I wonder if there is any 3D painting program able to import MD clothes with their internal lines (splines), where I can use an internal line as a path for a raster or material brush (containing a fragment of a seam). And use texture fill and layers as in Photoshop. And the application must save all regular 3d maps as displacement, normal, color. I know about Substance Painter, 3D coat - what application can be used in my case? I have not the latest PC hardware and no Nvidia CUDA gpu, so I think complex up-to-date things like Mari will not run properly on my PC - what would you advice?

When I talk about raster seam brushes in Illustrator, I mean such ones as in attached files
Adobe Illustrator can paint them along any complex vector contours, which is brilliant for trims, hems etc. Which 3d software can do such a trick with MD's internal lines?

Re: Which texturing software is best for MD clothes?

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 1:44 pm
by LoriGriffiths
Fantastic question, but I have no solution for you. I've used Substance, PS and AI just like you. I've also used Blender. It is time consuming and often does not produce the results you're after. It looks like you want real-world results, not just simple game textures.

For the time being, I think you've got what you need. Maybe as a community we can develop something better. I'm working on a huge project just now, but maybe I can attack this problem next.

Thanks for the great post.

Re: Which texturing software is best for MD clothes?

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:36 pm
by Lilifan
What a pity, nobody have made so far a decent piece of 3D software able to connect with vector editors like AI and pre-made vector curves. What I found lately for stitches it's one way requiring both Zbrush skills and Substance Painter - ... e-painter/
Thanks to the author, this method allows to create both an opacity\transparency map for stitching lines to use it in SP and the displacement\normal maps for all the clothing, generated by Zbrush. I guess, color map must be painted in SP too. I haven't tried this method yet, but maybe it will be helpful, though not so accurate, because within Zbrush one must stroke the mesh by hand to get stitching lines.For me, AI + PS remains the only precise link for detailed texturing, although the results are not very realistic and obviously need to be corrected in 3D software.
Oh, I remembered the lated MD8 must have GoZ to Zbruah, isn't it? If there is Goz, is there any option to transfer the mesh from MD to Zbrush along with all internal splines?