MD 9 new features... video posted

News about MD software or special announcements that should be of interest to all.
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MD 9 new features... video posted

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The MD team has just put up a new video,showing many of the new features for MD9.... check it out here:

Some of the items shown are:
-Retopology -Retopo under your complete control!
- Half Pattern Symmetry -It looks like the 'Unfold' option has the Symmetry ability built in now.
- GPU Simulation -You can use your GPU or your CPU, and get quicker results if you have a great graphics card.
- Subdivision -Selectively paint in an area to subdivide...areas that need better detailing can get it without overloading the entire mesh.
- Mirror Creation -Mirror as you go... lay down an outline, and it's mirrored automatically.

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