MD Tailoring?

Is there an entire process you would like to see in a written or video tutorial? If so, put your request here so that experienced users know what content you are looking for.
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MD Tailoring?

Post by KLea »

I'm sure I could use trial and error to figure this out eventually, but as someone with no real life pattern-making experience, I'm at a loss for where and how to properly measure my avatar

I mean, I know some of the basic measurements obviously, but where should I measure leg length or for a neckline, etc

And knowing how to adjust a pattern's size to fit those measurements would be helpful too

I mean, for instance, the dress I'm making at the moment is supposed to be tight and form fitting in the bodice and shoulder, but is it tighter than it should be? Strain map is mostly red in those areas, but which areas should I be letting out to bring strain down to orange? If I let out too much, then the dress loses its form-fit nature altogether

Just think that a tutorial on measurements would make pattern-making a lot simpler, as at the moment half the work in it, at least for me, is trial & error and what sizes & lengths will work :lol:

If there already is a tutorial video for this then I apologize, but the only videos I saw for it were old and pre-dated the MD measurement tools, which I can go back & use if I have to, but I presume the measurement tools would make it a lot easier & faster
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Re: MD Tailoring?

Post by LoriGriffiths »

Just taking measurements of your avatar won't really help you draft patterns. Drafting patterns is very complex. Altering patterns is also not easy to do. There is a lot you have to learn. I know because I can draft patterns myself. It took me a very long time to learn how to do it properly.

If you really want to learn to draft, there are some very good books on the subject, but they aren't free. I was able to locate some real old drafting books that are in the public domain. They would give you some idea of what is involved.
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