suggestion: simplify 3rd-party software forums

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suggestion: simplify 3rd-party software forums

Post by wetcircuit »

May I suggest the forum categories for working with 3rd-party software be simplified? at the moment it is:
  • QCAD
    Second Life
Currently there is no "other" category...

I propose:
QCAD and Drafting - maybe there is a better word?
VR and Game Engines - Second Life, Unity, Unreal, etc
Poser/DAZ - combine these, they have a lot of crossover already
Maya/Blender/3dsMax et al

This obviously leaves out dozens of specific software tools that might be used along the way (uvmapping, retopo, rigging) but it is probably self-sorting by workflow/purpose.
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Re: suggestion: simplify 3rd-party software forums

Post by mdhadmin »

Thank you for your suggestions. QCAD only exists as it relates directly to MD. Other drafting programs would probably fall under the topic of Design / Sewing / Patterns. Only those programs that have a direct workflow from MD are listed.

Poser and DAZ people don't always play well together, thus the separate categories. Second Life is a bit different. It's true that there is an intermediary program generally used between MD and SL, but SL users are strong MD users. That's why they have their own topic.

This forum is all about MD and all other programs are secondary. The general VR and game community will most likely have questions directly about features and functions of MD and those questions are better placed in the appropriate MD category. Although I'm sure there will be people in the forum with knowledge beyond just MD, that is our main focus here.

I will keep your suggestions in mind and make any changes necessary as we grow. I appreciate that you've taken the time to provide great suggestions.
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